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God is looking for faithful people

God is looking for people who he could call friends, someone who he could delegate the secrets of the kingdom.

Someone to trust.

But without any doubt, one of the characteristics this person most have is faithfulness.

Be faithful to God and win his friendship. [click to continue…]

5 Books every new christian should read

It is so wonderful when someone accepts Jesus as their savior and they start their journey to know the Holy Spirit.

But after this wonderful decision, you have to start building your foundation so you could persevere.

And you do this by reading a lot, so here I leave you with 5 books every new Christian should read. [click to continue…]

A big dream has a big price

How many time have your heard this phrase “dream big” I myself have said it multiples times.

And yes you should dream big, as big as you can.

But even if you dream big that doesn’t mean it will be a reality for you or that it will be any easier. For your dreams to become true there’s a price tag you must pay.

So what is the price? [click to continue…]

When is the best time to pray ?

Always, good times bad times, when you need it and when you don’t, there’s always a good time to talk to God

Don’t look at prayer as an act of religion full of patterns and rules simply look at prayer as a way of communication with your friend God. [click to continue…]

God is looking for friends

As the years pass working for the Lord, the more I realize that God is not just my king, lord, savior, boss but that he is looking to build a relationship with me and you.

The thing is that we always think of God as been far in heaven but no, he is right beside you.

He knows your thoughts, needs, he hears you.

Don’t make the mistake of putting God far away.

So… [click to continue…]

My 35 best christian inspirational quotes

Today I want to share with you Christian inspirational quotes so you can share it with your family, friends, co-workers or on social media.

This is a way to preach the gospel so I encourage you to do it and enjoy it too. [click to continue…]

Don’t lose hope

All of us have faced a situation in which we think we are not going to make it, or that we won’t have the strength to continue.

Life sometimes hit us hard. [click to continue…]

Hope in God

God is with you, he hasn’t forgotten about you, just keep holding onto Him.

Pray, read the bible, look for his presence and he will answer your heart desire.

Do not lose your trust in Him, although his answer may be late in the end you will see, it was worth it . [click to continue…]

How to read the Bible in one year

So today I want to share with you how to read the bible in one year, no matter the date it is you can start today. [click to continue…]

How am I going to change the world ?

Have you ever heard some say, “I want to change the world”.

I think we all had.

This is something that is always in our minds even though we don’t talk about it.

We all have this need to make the difference in the short time we get to live here on earth and this is something good because it brings progress.

But why do people really want to change the world. [click to continue…]